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Just trying to properly tune the amp according to the manual. I am running passive stereo front and bridged rear for the amp. When I adjusted the gain for the front, I was able to register ~25V for the pair (High sensitivity at 3 o'clock). However, when I was doing the rear, the max gain (all the way clockwise) on high was only 26V bridged, and then when I switch to Low sensitivity, the minimum (all the way counterclockwise) registered 40V bridged. I was expecting 34.6V as stated in the manual. Since it was measured on the same channel, I want to know if it was normal to have a 14V gap between High min and Low max, that the senstivity of High was supposed to have 0.8V to 8V and Low was 0.2V to 2V.

Also I want to know if there's any good time correction unit, preferably without internal volume (I really hate it, since I always want to control it from the head unit).

P.S. The HD600/4 amp is connected to Honda's premium audio with the output tapped at the radio. The signal coming from the radio is flat for both front and rear. I have the front running the front components while the rear set to bridge to push the subwoofer. Was correctly set the crossover, and used 1kHz for front and 50Hz for sub with the Cleansweep calibration CD to set the gain.

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