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Browsing the topics and photos of the systems on this forum makes me feel waaaaay inadequate, but I'll cope. Clearly, I'm not in your league. :blush:

I found the site while searching for inspiration. As I said, I'm already working my way through the audio build in my daily driver, an '05 Volvo S60R. The components are the best I've ever owned, but nothing to get the attention of true mobile audiophiles. Alpine HU, Infinity Kappa 6.5" components for the front doors, Infinity Kappa 6.5" three-ways for the fill (rear deck), Infinity Kappa 12" sub + a custom sealed enclosure in the boot, JL Audio 300/4 for the mains, JL Audio 500/1 for the sub, and a 1.5 farad cap, mostly because I think it will impress bigger noobs than myself. lol

My car gives me joy even with the sub-mediocre factory sound system (supposedly a "premium" upgrade, lol), so I'll think I've died and gone to heaven once this assembly of gizmos is all in place and dialed in.

I'm going for a stealthy installation and hope to post a few photos once it's all in place. Open to any and all suggestions and inspirational photos of any installs done on similar vehicles or using similar components. Please bring them on, guys. :)
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