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Thanks for finding us.
The Ribbon you are talking about is a modified G2 series ribbon we had made for us.
A custom face plate as all the ribbons have such a large face plate 110mm or larger for a ribbon of this size.
Well when we were picking the frame OD we had it made to 104.5mm as that is a standard diameter for most tweeter frames.
Then the bolt holes we have used a lot of the G2 series ribbons and other brands and do not care for the 4 bolt holes that are used.
Not a bad thing I just perfer to have 6 bolts over the 4.
As well we had the opening shape changed for the face palte which helps with dispersion.

As for price a good price we think so.

Thanks again for finding us.

RAW Acoustics
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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