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K2P's + HU Amp + Stock wiring = damage?

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Hey everyone,

I read all about how dangerous it is to under-power a speaker. I do not want to do that with my new set of Focal 165K2P's.

However, I AM itching to get them in my car.

I wanted some opinions on running the components off of my Head Unit's built-in amp (Eclipse CD8443) - could I cause damage to the speakers by running them off this set (using stock speaker wiring)?

This summer I plan to install my JL 300/2 and route 12 gauge to the doors for them, but I hate seeing them collect dust on my bookshelf...


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You cant damage a speaker by not running enough power to it. Dont believe me? Turn the volume knob down and you have reduced the power.
Underpowering as in, I have to turn my head unit up louder than normal to drive the speaker, which can lead to clipping/distortion.

Gah... I need an oscilloscope so I can see at what volume setting my eclipse's built-in amp starts to distort. Is there anyone here who has had experience with this deck?
Generally you can turn the volume up to about 80% and get a clean undistorted signal. Just dont over do it and you'll be fine. At least you can break the mids in before you get the amp.
I think I'll do this soon. Thanks for the help!
Just don't turn the headunit up to the point that you hear distortion and you'll be fine, although they probably won't sound all that hot running off the head.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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