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Hi all,

I'm perplexed by a problem I'm having with a Kenwood KAC-8105D amp. It's brand new and I've had it installed in my car for about a week-and-a-half. I have it driving a pair of 12" subs wired for a 2-ohm load. The amp is 2-ohm stable and I don't have it working very hard. I left the factory settings on it and I'm using the RCA sub-out feed from my JVC head unit. I only have the sub turned half way up through the controls on the JVC.

The amp/sub combo was working great until yesterday. I noticed there was no bass. The amp is lit up and has never gone into protection mode or even gotten a little bit hot. When I popped the trunk to check out the subs, they do have a little bit of sound coming out of them but not like it should be. I turned the sensitivity on the amp all the way up - that didn't do anything. I turned the sub-out controls on the head unit all the way up and that didn't do anything. I fed the amp the front speaker RCA feeds instead; there was no change.

I hooked the sub-out feed up to the amp for the front speakers. That worked (meaning the sub-out feed is good).

I'm perplexed because I figure the amp would either work or not work. If it were bad, I figure I'd have nothing at all coming out of the subs. But I do have a little bit of sound. Is this little bit of sound coming from the RCA input? It seems like there's no amplification at all. Can I check the amp output with a DVOM?

I'd hook the subs up to one of the other amps in the car, but none are 2-ohm stable. I don't want to bake another one.

Does it sound like this amp is dead? Or should I be looking elsewhere for the problem?
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