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Hi everyone, my first post here at diy...

I recently changed cars and previously had an Alpine CDA-9887 which I personally Imprinted. Sounded great!

My new car is a 2010 Mazda 3 Sedan with a double-din HU. I've also recently acquired (via someone here at this site) an Audison Bit-One.1. My amp is an Audison LRX 6.9 with Hertz speakers planned for both front and rear doors along with a custom fiberglass sub box in the trunk.

My question is...Is there any point in switching the OEM HU with the Alpine HU since I will be using the Bit-One.1 as a sound processor instead of the Imprint? The Mazda OEM is mp3 capable which is all I *really* care about...along with sound quality obviously. While the Alpine does have 3-4V preamp outputs (allowing for subwoofer control which I like), and a 24-bit digital to analog converter...I'm still struggling on whether it's worth it.

It'd be nice to keep the "stock" look to deter break-ins, but with the Bit-One as a sound processor, what other benefit is there to changing? It'd cost some money for the double-din kit which would just add yet another "pocket" of space in the dash which isn't necessary.

Any thoughts?
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