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I have had this deck for about 7 months now and I am wondering if anyone that has one of these (hopefully with the ipod cable) could verify some things for me... and yes I called Kenwood.... useless. I bought it from a store (ABT) and they are less than helpful..basically telling me send it in for warranty service if I think anything is wrong since they didn't install it.

1) Does the ipod control really reset after the unit turns off? You are listening to the ipod, turn the car off, turn it back on and when you try to go back to the song listing menu from the song screen, you have to start over at the artist level. By far the most irritating thing about the deck for me.

2) In dual zone, I still hear the front channel through the rear. I have just the front hooked up to an amp (Zapco C2K) and the rear amplified outs hooked up to headphones for the kids. My son first mentioned it and then I threw them on and heard the front output... doesn't the zone cut out the front completely? I had the XM going in front and ipod (video) running in the rear.

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