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Unit is in great shape. Ive had it in my G35 for 3 years and it has treated me well.
The only issue is that the screen will only open sometimes. The buttons on the button of the screen are not working, but everything can be controlled by the remote and the touch screen capability work flawlessly. There is a DVD of anchor man in the dvd drive right now =).
I also have an SD card in the deck that has red light cameras from all over the US. It gives you a visual and audio alert when your close to an intersection with a red light.
GPS antenna and blue tooth mic are in very good shape.
Ipod cable included.
Software and firmware are up to date.

This unit sounds amazing. Time alignment and EQ are the main reason I bought the unit and the options dont disappoint.
I dont travel as much as I used to so I dont need the navi Looking at going single din or a double din with some kinda processor.

$275 shipped and insured OBO, possible trades

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