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Just did quick search and didn't see anyone cover this yet.

Supposedly for 2012 Headunits. Didn't work with my older deck. Uses USB, but should also use Bluetooth. Not sure why not.

From Android Marketplace page:

App Link

This application organizes your music.

KENWOOD Music Control is a player application that allows you to use a variety of playback methods in addition to the existing ones; for example, playing songs in the mood play list created depending on your mood each day or playing only hook-lines of you.
Connecting your Android device to your Kenwood car audio system via a USB allows you to control playback of the songs in the Android device from the car audio system.

‣Mood playlist function
You can analyze the melodies of songs in your Android device to create a playlist according to your mood.
"If you are in a mood for listening to powerful songs today", you can analyze melodies of songs and easily create a playlist of songs classified as mood "Powerful.
For example, the mood "Powerful" may describe your state of mind when you want to listen to powerful songs.
Songs are analyzed and classified into the following categories of moods: High Energy(Active,Powerful, Core), Acoustic(Detailed,Simple,Smooth,Easy), Standard(Dynamic,Rockin,Vivid,), Stylistic(Cool,Urban,Trance)

‣Intro skip function
This function detects the hook-line of each song so that you can listen to the song from the beginning of its hook-line.

‣Control from your Kenwood car audio system
Connecting your Android device in which this application is installed to your Kenwood audio system via a USB allows you to control the audio system: for example, searching for a song in the Android device by artist name or album name.

Create your favorite playlists to enjoy music whenever and wherever you want!

*To use the mood playlist function or intro skip function,
you need to analyze songs using the following procedure:
Press the MENU key on a screen other than the playback list screen, select "Preference",
and then check the "Background analysis" checkbox.

*To enable control from your Kenwood car audio system, you need to select "Output right now" or "Auto output" in the "Preference" to create a song database in the SD card.
After connecting your Android terminal, you need to turn on its USB storage.

-Supported Languages
KENWOOD Music Control supports nine languages; Japanese, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, and Chinese.

No warranty is given as to normal operation of all devices.

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I too did notice the feature offered from Kenwood. Thought it is a brilliant idea. Couldn't find anyone else in the mobile realm offering this. My hat's off to them for the engineering.

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This list of compat devices is pretty nice but doesn't have my 9980 listed. :( I like the fact that the new 2012 devices will have andriod support in them.
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