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Brand new, never used Kicker SX650.1 class D subwoofer amplifier. Needless to say, it's flawless. It includes every single screw it came with. Birthsheet indicates that it puts out over 750 watts.

Rated output is:
650 @ 2 ohms
325 @ 4 ohms

This is the most advanced amp I've ever used. The SX used to be Kicker's flagship series. The DSP built into this amp is just sick. Check out some of the features:
- adjustable lowpass capable of 48, 42, 36, 30, 24, 18, 12, or 6db/octave!
- adjustable and defeatable subsonic filter capable of 24, 18, 12, 6db/octave
- phase adjustment
- parametric bass eq, adjustable frequency, Q, and boost
- 4 memory presets
- lockout code (so no one can mess with your settings, and output can be limited when you take your car in for service)
- pink noise generator
- digital gain
- temperature status
- fan cooling
- diagonistc tool
- remote bass gain

There's just too many features to list! It makes my US Amps feel pre-historic. The only other amps I can think of that are this powerful are the DSP capable Zapco's.

$200 PLUS shipping FIRM, no trades unless you have Canon SLR stuff. I have itrader feedback here,, CanadianCarAudio under the same user name. I also have ebay feedback. Email me if interested: [email protected]

Note: I know that in the picture the endcaps look like flimsy plastic, but they are actually aluminum.

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