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Hi all.
been around here for awhile now, made some post, got some help, did alot of work.
I have done ALOT of sound deadening to my car. (1995 Honda Del Sol)
MLV all over the bottom.
Closed cell foam all around.
Open cell foam/polyfill between panels.
Dynmat on the doors and back wall.

Sound deadening left to be done: (after the final install)
1-2 layers of fatmat on the door.
1 layer fatmat on the door panel. Heavy build up of Lead Tape to increase mass.
Close dead space with closed cell foam.

Unless I change my mind again, I will be taking my car into the local shop (beach auto sound) to get everything professionaly installed so it looks good. : )
Getting the tweeters put in the doors, driver side angled towards me. (passenger side already properly angled in its position)
Midranges are staying in the dash, Passenger side angled towards me. (Driver side properly angled as is, just being "housed" neater.)
Midbasses are getting angled towards me and put in a sealed enclosure.

Now for the sub.... And the purpose of this post.

A couple weeks ago someone stole my sub box out from behind my seats.
(I giggle because they left everything else in my car) They were Daimond Audio DS3 10". Very good SQ. Had 2 installed. Have 1 in my garage.
Tom at Beach Auto said i should go with a larger driver if i am going with a single 10" now. He recommended the Boston Acoustics GS3 10".
I was thinking the Alpine Type X 10"
Or save the 250-300$, use the Daimond in my garage that I KNOW will not have the sheer output power capabilitys as the other 2 and spend that money on Anti Rolls Bars for my car.
*JL 500/1 is the power btw.

HU: Alpine 3870
Front: Dynaudio 340
Amps: Butler 2150, MBQuart 2400. JL 500/1
Proc: H701
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