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hey guys, been lurking around here for a while to get info but i need some suggestions and advice: I got my SQ system almost done. This is what I have so far:
HU: Clarion 785 (what a deal) - haven't played with it yet (not active)
Amp: 3 channel Xtant 603 (did not bi-amp)
Front: 6.5 Alpine type X ref (running with passive crossovers)

no rear and plan on going without a sub box and using the 6.5 rear deck to fill in the missing parts. As good as the Type X sounds, there is something 'missing' from everything I am listening to.

Question: what do I need to fill the obvious missing gap?

would you suggest:
1. a 7 mini 'sub' like TB or Peerless in rear deck (with lots of deadening)
2. a coax (give me a suggestion if so)
3. go active, bi-amp, and forget subs.

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