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LED Strip Light Kits????

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So, I've got a few projects that involve fabricating with LED Lighting ( Edge lit acrylic, Speaker ring lighting ETC. ).
I am wondering if anyone has a GO TO brand, company or supplier that is known to have quality products and supplies. I'm leary of the touch and go products of Ebay and Amazon, so if anyone has had good results with certain suppliers I would love to hear about it
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I bought led strips from Amazon. They may not be suitable for your needs depending on your expectations.
I think those are pretty much exactly what I am looking for. Thank you.
I've always been happy with my orders from; LED Lights | Shop for Oznium LEDs
Fast shipping and great customer service.
Pretty sure they are all Chinese. The longer runs are just soldered together anyway.
I didn't order mine on amazon, but these are good products. I'm no expert at measuring their quality, but these smart LED light strips with music synchronization have been serving me for a year now, so they're pretty durable. They don't flicker, are waterproof and heat resistant. I accidentally tested that last point by spilling hot coffee in my car. I was afraid they would stop working, but nothing changed. My wife says she needs some extra lighting in the living room to add more ambiance, so I'm even thinking of installing some of these lights in the house. I want it to be a quality piece. I hope my suggestion was helpful.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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