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So i've been involved in car audio for many years going back to days when JVC"Digifine" was a nice head unit for its time. I've had various components over the years from HiFonics, Phoenix Gold, JL Audio, Clariion, Alpine, MTX and the list will go on for days. However i'm at a dilema on what to choose for my recently purchased car.

Project 2010 Lexus IS 250 ( non-ML audio/non-navi)

*Plan to keep the stock HU just from the headaches it requires to modify the dash so I can get a aftermarket unit

so i've been researching options to add an amp or two that will give me more control yet integrate well with the vehicle;

Options being considered~
JBL-MS8 ( i've heard very mixed reviews especially due to cost)
RockFord 3sixty.3
Audiocontrol DQL-8
Alpine PXE-660
JL Audio Cleansweep

Speaker selection:

I'm pretty much settled on two sets of speakers for the vocals being in the form of Morel or Dynaudio

Subwoofer duty will be performed by either JL12w3 or Morel ultimo 12

I did have two Elemental Designs 9.5 amps and let them go with my previous car which I regret now so amplifier duty is preferred to be powerful yet small and multi channel in 5 or 6 channel arena.

Options i'm considering for amplifier duty currently:

JL XD 700/5
MMats 6150D
Zed Audio Leviathan III

now the real question is what OEM integration unit will work best with my car with ease of configuration /installation and tie well with the rest of my selections. Any input from experience with the Lexus install will be greatly appreciated
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