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Are you all ready for something a little different?

I wanted an off-road capable truck with a low range 4x4, that is easy to work on and all terrain tires. I wanted to be able to haul a large trailer and/or boat.

I also wanted it to drive like a car & to be able to haul up to 8 people in comfort. And to look as stock as possible.

And I wanted a 7.1 surround sound system with a DSP & back up camera.

Here is the solution:

Lexus LX 470 (LandCruiser)

DC Power Alternator 260a - voltage while running both ACs full blast and stereo at full tilt it stays at 14v+

Dynamat Extreme everywhere

Three Batteries (1 under the hood & 2 in the rear)

Kenwood Excelon DDX9903S (plays Flac)

JBL MS-8 Surround 7.1 Sound DSP

Three Arc Audio 1200.6 xDI amps. They are 6 Channel amps are capable 1,200 watts each or 3,600 watts total. (150 watts a Channel or 600 watts bridged.)

Focal K2 ES 100K 4" - 2 way components as the center channel.

Focal K2 165 KRX3 6.75" - 3 way components in the front doors.

Focal K2 ES 165K 6.75" - 2 Way in components the rear doors.

Focal K2 ES 100K 4" - 2 way components behind the 3rd row.

Two AudioFrog GB10D2 - 10" Subs - Each Sub in a divided box with 1.75' per side. Rear firing & ports on each side near the bottom.


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Love the old land cruisers / LXs too. Nice work. Any photos of the door treatments?

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And that’s the most important!

Are both tweeters play the same signal?
Humm, well they're so close maybe they appear as one, or maybe they steer the signal vertically.
But that’s strange, did you try with just one?
The JBL MS8 only has 1 mono channel output for the center channel. I then y-adapted that single RCA to 2 channels on my amp. Then from the 2 channels on the amp to the two passive crossovers that came with the Focal 4" component sets.

The gap between the tweeters is roughly 1". The 4" are roughly 6" apart because Lexus puts a nice CPU unit right above the double din headunit, so I had to space the 4" speakers to clear the CPU.

In my opinion the center channel speaker is the most important speaker in the system. This was the only way that I could get enough sound up there to keep up with the rest of the system.
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