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Product Brand & Model:
H-Audio/Audible Physics AR DUO - AR6K (x2) and AR3K (x2)

Condition of all items:
Like new, factory boxes, original grills included

Total Price:
$495 shipped OBO

Shipping Terms:
Included in price to lower 48 US

Pictures: - Unless you are a Upgraded member, or your last 10 iTrader feedbacks are positive, you must post a picture of the exact item you are selling.

Additional info:

Name: Audible Physics

Audible: Capable of being heard; loud enough to be heard; actually heard.
Physics - The Science of matter, energy, motion and force that can be actually heard!!

So Audible Physics = Basically a speaker.

* Shallow mount depth
* Copper shorting rings
* High power handling
* New cone topologies
* Wide usable range

AR = Audible Range Series..........K = Kevlar

The AR3K Ultra Wide-Band 3" Super Wide-Band
This uses a large woven Kevlar cone. The AR3K are quite natural and neutral with open and transparent yet smooth mid-range with great detail and dynamics with the right amount of warmth. Highs are extended, great for the users who are going A-pillar mounting on-axis, with the XR3M you may found yourself wanting to cut the very top end around 16khz or so. With the AR3K it will be a little smoother.

But as always it will come down to angles and installations and a little proper tuning

Revc= 3.600 Ohm
Fo= 148.477 Hz
Sd= 3.019m M?
Krm= 12.670m Ohm
Erm= 0.471
Kxm= 184.878m H
Exm= 0.153
Vas= 221.232m Ltr
Cms= 170.936u M/N
Mmd= 6.626m Kg
Mms= 6.722 g
BL= 3.100 T��
Qms= 7.091
Qes= 2.349
Qts= 1.764
No= 0.030 %
SPLo= 79.763 dB

AR6K: 6.5” Kevlar cone mid/bass transducer
This is a driver to can do it all. Midrange is open and detailed, mid-bass is fast and control. With is stiff and light weight Kevlar cone the AR6K well please just about anyone’s music taste. With a true 3db down open air tested Fs of 57hz the AR6K plays low and deep. Attack and Decay is outstanding, impact is great. With the high sensitivity and great power handling dynamics is superb.

Revc= 4.000 Ohm
Fo= 56.910 Hz
Sd= 13.685m M?
Krm= 95.345m Ohm��
Erm= 0.363
Kxm= 661.728m H
Exm= 0.088
Vas= 5.603 Gal
Cms= 797.576u M/N
Mmd= 8.885m Kg
Mms= 9.806 g
BL= 4.821 T��
Qms= 10.129
Qes= 0.603
Qts= 0.569
No= 0.627 %
SPLo= 89.988 dB

MSRP: AR3K---------$450
MSRP: AR6K---------$450
MSRP: AR Duo-------$900


Please be advised, all buyers and sellers are responsible for performing their own due diligence when considering any financial engagement. We recomend that you:

1) Check the iTrader feedback of the person you are dealing with on this site, as well as other car audio forums.
2) Ask for a name address and phone number. Call them and verify their info.
3) Valid e-mail address. Correspond before committing.
4) consider using an escrow service to protect yourself.

DO NOT proceed with a deal until you are completely satisfied with the other party.

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Hey Mark

I hate to be "that guy" but if you get to the point that you would consider splitting, I would be very interested in the AR3Ks. I recently bought an 05 Vette and I am looking to go 8s in the door with these on the A-pillars:cool:

Thank you sir

BTW, finally read the thread in your sig....classic! :laugh:

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