I offer a classic hi-end audiophile car amp made in Japan with matched tunes and tuned. This amp is epitome of some the best amps known. The brand is Phass.

You will not be disappointed at all.

Price is $2200 shipped + pp fees within the U.S.

Here are the specs:
Power output 14.4V/4ohm 100W x 4
1KHz at THD 14.4V/2 ohm 130W x 4
Frequency response: 2 - 80KHz
S/N ration: >90dB
Stereo separation: 75dB
Idle current: 2.0A
Remote voltage: 10 - 17V
Input impedance: 20Kohm
Input sensitivity: 0.2 - 4V
Crossover frequency (HP): 50 - 200Hz
Fuse type: 15A x 4
Dimension (WxHxL, mm): 452 x 200 x 59
Made in Japan