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I have a 2012 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid for which I have begun to upgrade my sound. Head unit is actually decent, unlike most Ford sound systems. (The head unit isn't the weakest link here). However, the system has a few definite weaknesses:

1) Stock speakers were not so good (understatement).
2) Amp in the trunk for the two subwoofers is puny.

I have already replaced all of my speakers. It is now time to replace the rear amp that drives the two subs on the rear deck. I have pulled out the amp to inspect it, and based on wiring it appears to be a speaker level amp. (5 wires in - 4 wires out) My questions are:

1) Does any one know how much current the power line for that amp can

2) Does any one have a recommendation for a replacement amp. I'm
looking for two channels - 4 ohms - between 40 and 75 watts RMS.
Obviously it needs to allow for speaker level inputs.
Ideally I would simply like to swap out the stock amp and replace
with a different one without running new wires.....but this may not be

The key constraints on the new amp are that I have a hybrid engine which is psycho sensitive to current draws (amps)....the slightest changes in current draw significantly impact how the engine runs and my gas mileage. The car is ideally suited for stock stuff only (which I can't tolerate in terms of my sound system).

Please help me with my questions. I am interested in any product recommendations you have........Also, if I am wrong about the stock amp configuration, please let me know.

I have the basic MKZ sound system which runs 9 speakers, not the upgraded THX system with 13 speakers.

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