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Line driver

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If my HU has 4v pre outs, do I need a like driver to feed a dsp?

I'm using one right now as my dsp6 will only take Symbilink inputs. The line driver is a zapco tp4 which drives Symbilink outputs.

I'm thinking of switching to a different dsp and wanted to know if I will need a line driver for it.
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You need to look at the voltage input range of the processor you want. 4V is probably fine for the majority of inputs.
Increasing your signal level beyond 4v probably isnt going to fix any noise problems that you have. If you believe youre going to have noise problems, consider running your signal digitally or balanced.
Ah OK, so Symbilink is just their proprietary balanced connection.

I think in general, you can probably get away with normal connections and just be smart about running them away from noisy sources. Maybe some cars are particularly noisy. Or if you have extra cash and want to not even have to deal with the possibility of the issue you just get balanced/digital hardware.

I'm guessing if you have this equipment, you already know what a balanced signal gets you, so I won't explain that.

Edit: Also, I took a quick read around the internet and they make cables to adapt Symbilink to RCA if that is something you would want to do for whatever reason.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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