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i have a 2009 mazda 6 with stock Bose stereo, i didnt wanna spend a good $800 upgrading the stereo so i just put in a Kicker kisloc Line Output Converter, what is the proper way to wire a LOC? i just cut my rear stock sub wire from the rear deck and then wired the positive and negatives to my LOC then used RCA's to my amp. Is there a better way to do this for a cleaner signal? i have a stock bose amp and im grabbing a signal post amp right by my stock sub, if i go PRE amp and plug it in there will i have a better/stronger signal? My subs arent loud enough, quality is there but i feel like this is the main issue, i had aftermarket decks in my other cars and had 1 sub with half the power of what i got now and it shook hard, Can a LOC make that much of a difference? anyone else have experience with them, thanks
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