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If you have any good thread links post them and I will add them to the list. Covering topics from super noob to technically detailed.

Most Important

Searching the forums effectively

12v Glossary

Crossovers, Gains and Tuning

More power to clean up midbass? Also, some crackling as I increase volume.

Time Alignment and driver seperation????$100-dlls.html?highlight=rta

The RTA thread (Use. Not how to build one)

Flat Response?

Speaker specs. and Choosing speakers

Picking driver and crossover points

$250 2 Way vs $250 3 Way

'Pro Audio' setup for SQ

'THE' Passive SQ System

QMS, QES, QTS, What makes up a speaker?

Attenuating a Tweeter


midbass arrays revisited

Rear Fill Speakers

Let's talk about "proper" rear speaker use.

Hey Werewolf, confusion about L-R...

Subwoofer specs. and Choosing Subwoofers

highish sensitivity sub with low vas/Qts?

given that 'cabin gain' is a reality, do we need a low fs?

Underpowering a sub?

Install related

on axis vs. off axis

On Axis vs Off Axis ???

Troubleshooting noise... What's next?

Midranges and Midbasses in Sub-Optimum Boxes

What are your best ways to bring up a soundstage?

Why are manufacture recommended enclosure volumes...

Sub facing question

Aiming a subwoofer

Aiming a subwoofer

Aiming a subwoofer$2.html

IB (Infinite Baffle)

IB Speaker Specs

anyone want to explan why im reading that a higher Fs is recomended for IB?

How do Fs, Xmax and Qtc affect Free Air Subs?

Qts and IB

What specific specs make an IB woofer, IB'able?

Free air IB subs

What's all this "Q" stuff?


Can someone tell me/explain exactly what clipping is?

Do all competently designed and level matched amps/head units sound the same?

class a/b or d amp for subwoofer sq?

Is amplifier fusing a measure of true amp power?

Power and Wire

what is the real difference in pwr wire cca vs ofc vs copper weld

voltage x fuse amp = power output?

Speaker wire: the facts?

RELAYS; how they work and how to wire it up...

The Ten Commandments of Noise Prevention

Various ways to use a basic relay


TECHFLEX 101 A Comprehensive Look At This Product

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Wow, this is probably the most useful thread on the forum.
Thanks for posting!
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