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Lithium Batteries - Any Reason Not To Use?

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I want to use 3 lithium 3ah 400amp (link below) batteries to replace my main battery for a battery relocation situation. I have been using XS batteries (link below). They work good but I like the idea of the half size lithium batteries. Obviously the hours are considerably less with the lithium but does that matter?

The XS batteries are getting old so it's time to replace.


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so what i have learned, ... the batteries are not necessarily that much lighter in weight, they might be more in the 50% weight reduction range. also, there are many forms of lithium batteries. you probably would want to look at lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO 4 battery) or LFP battery. easiest to get into. (y) (y)

Genuine Lithium Batteries for DIY Projects – Battery Hookup

USED HEADWAY 38120 HP 3.2V 8AH LIFEPO4 BATTERY – Battery Hookup

Wouldn't my alternator charge the batteries fully rather quickly?
this is a really good question. i have not really seen a lot of info/data on this question. i picked up some of the headway cells, i'm in process of putting a pack together to test out. but a lot of guys have used this them successfully from my understanding. this is a maybe a complicated question, i suspect. some of the lithium batteries are rated based on alternator charging capability. you have probably seen that already.
what you think about this voltage sag on these LIFEPO4 batteries?? :oops: :oops: looks pretty legit. i think these are 100 Ah battery comparison.

@Theslaking how much current/power will you draw form these batteries? the ah does matter from understanding,.... as it is a measure of amount of current/power that the battery can safety/reliably output over a certain time. i believe if you pull too high current from a smaller battery the voltage will lower , temp will increase and you would decrease longevity over time. so you would need to size the battery pack for your application. whatever is appropriate size-wise. i do not know what that answer is.... but.....

i think these smaller motorcycle batteries are intended for very limited duty, like pulling high current only 1-2 times per day, as you would start your vehicles only. not really intended for car audio support.

Obviously the hours are considerably less with the lithium but does that matter?
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@Theslaking get this one, or similar...... it's meant for audio system support.

@Selkec are there people on FB that have posted tests showing current draw using an oscilloscope from the battery & the alternator at the same time, to show how the dynamics of how the current discharges and re-charges? I'm looking for that kind of info! Plan to generate some myself eventually when i get the Headway set-up in my vehicle.

Get in the Facebook group dedicated to lithium in car audio for what ya need to know.
you would be constantly charging with your alternator, right? so if you size the energy capacity of the battery appropriately (ah or wh), you would never have this situation.
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