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Lithium cells advice.

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I found a good deal on two lithium Lithium LiFePO4 batteries.
id get one of these:

Or 2 of these:

im currently running 2 large AGM batteries, but im doing some upgrades with my amps/subs so i want to make sure my electrical will hold up,my alternator is holding its own now.

lastley do i need a battery isolator? I dont think so since everything is 12v and my system is staying at 14.2v i just dont sit and listen to my system unless the car is running.

My best goal outcome is to just put the lithium in parallel and thats it besides a GIANT fuse.
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Im not in no big hurry,so i can get as much info as possible.
Im also seeing these Superbeast cells on ebay, they are lifepo4 cells also.
One is 24v and it says you can separate the bank and have 2-12v banks.
but i wonder about if electronics are needed with them as controller’s

i do like the simplicity and possibly safer of the ones i linked above.
At these prices im going to have to buy as i go along.
I have 2x JP23v2 bass amps which each can put out 4k watts rms each.
My electrical system is holding its own at this point.
But,,,,i have a SALT4 amp heading this way. Now i dont expect to run all three at the same time now, But i may down the road.
IF and thats a big if i buy a superbeast ill get 2x 12v banks?
Im sure i can be shown where to cut. But dont these types of banks need electronic controllers to monitor each cell. Or is that built into the head of the cells like vaping batteries use?
Then a cap bank? Can you point me at the best price for the money but on the beginers side of a cap bank?

lastly, I guess i need an isolator, they have one on the site? How many amps i need?
Or an Amazon 300 watt isolator what i need?

My car runs about 14.3-13.9v with a 180A alternator and it does fine so i dont with to remove my XSPower and Ultima agm batteries. For one my car comes with its battery in the trunk under the cover with the spare tire. To do so would have to wait till spring when im set to finalize my system.

i think i can get the superbeast,but is a charger required? And then the isolator.
this is why i was looking at the lithium cell in the first post.
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They do come in 12v banks.
which is a middle ground as they top out at 14.4 iirc
Ive read also LTO is a safer lithium, but the lifepo4 cells in the super beast should be fine imo also.
Its less building and just rearranging the cells into 2 banks,and 2 is better than one If im going down this path.
Amazon has affordable chargers and i need to see if i can find chaeper isolaters. But in my mind i dont necessarily need one IF the cells match my batteries currant voltage.
Dont worry im not in a hurry and wont make a rash purchase.

On a side note Honda, im gonna contact D4S and see if i cant swap my subs for 1ohm dvc.
Thats good for my SALT amp, and i can link the JP23’s and run them linked If need be. Heck they will run .5ohm’s also.
Worth checking out anyhow.
Tell me if anyone knows,how many amps should the isolator should be?
I read on the net,which i rarely trust it should be what the alternator puts out plus a bit of head room.
Mine is 180A alternator so im guessing 240A may do the job.
Yeh i seen that on there but wasn't 100% sure it was an isolater.
I hope im done bying music gear and start on the electrical.
Atm i can see me buying the superbeast and configure it as need so i have 2x12v banks
While not 100% needed id like to add a 370amp alternator and an isolator.
I have till spring to buy it all as thats when i finalize my build.

with that alternator id still keep my 2x AGM cells and add the 2 lithium banks.
that should be good for a 10k watt system. Im at that now, i just try and forget about how much all that power cost.
Luckily i just have a large car and not a van or suv,its all thats holding me back is space to put things.
Id like the extra capacity to be able to listen to my radio with the engine off for once.
i know very little about this, but putting all 4 in parallel and put the audio system on the last lithium bank is what comes to mind first off.
i have no issue in removing one agm,but getting rid of both would take some testing and faith. has new XSPower lifepo4 cells for $299
XS Power Li-PS925XR Lithium Powersports Battery
  • $299.99$299.99
  • SAVE $200
Supposedly someone screwed up and swapped the terminals.
They also have B-Stock Ioxus UC31 Smart Super Capacitor XS Power for $119 I watched video’s on these and i used to be against the one big cap deal, Those dont really do much. But these superbanks of caps really do what people thought they were buying years ago.
between the two i can see if i need another alternator as mines 180a,but its not stable for what i need. If these two show promise ill buy the superbeast and have 1 agm,3 lifepo4’s and the supercap bank.
sorry about the font,i forgot how to fix it after that copy/paste.
But if im ever going to get my SALT4 amp installed i gotta get my electrical right.

I wanted to buy the superbeast over the XSPower lithium, But their financing made it an easy way in.a
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Thats why i been buying so much, I cant pass up a good deal on something i need/may need.
This coming month i need to get a battery isolator and some warm weather cause im not putting that SALT4 in till my electrical is beefed up.
Between the lifepo4 cell and superbank caps i think my 180a alternator may hold its own.
Even now its fluctuating .4v but i still see my led headlights flickering, Once that stops ill add the second lifepo4 cell. If it doesnt stop stillq im going for the 320a alternator.
they had 2 issues and the whole batch of ioxus were written off. I bet we give everone hear one with directions and live help and still we would have more than 3 issues.
both items were financed and at a time i had other things to buy.

The superbank cap and superbeast together im rather sure i dont need a new alternator,but if i do ill be the first to admit its needed. My car is too good looking and low milage to watch go up in flames,AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SAVE MY AMPS!!!
Im no spl guy. I bet every SQ guy here listen to their system’s louder than i do.
I just like good equipment.
Example: i want an 18” sub somewhere that only plays 10hz-30hz or about there so i can have the lowest down firing bass possible with 1300watt-2k watts on it. possibly in my spare tire well firing into it and sound deadning lining. Add another Epicenter micro to it.

That sound like SPL?
I actually take offence to being called an SPL guy.
Would an spl guy want 4- 6x9” Infinity Kappa’s for thier mid bass and midrange capabilities in my doors and rear fill?

Get to know someone before attaching names pls…
Is it because i like high powered amps over German amplifiers?
POWER,is power but it depends on how you use that power.
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