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I had one of my bulb that melted the plastic the inside of the overhead console (common problem on the Dodge Caravan). Cost to replace that piece to get a functioning light again was roughly 150$.

So the idea to replace them with LED came to life.

Some cheap 3157 LED replacement

Here's the guts

I didn't took pics of the overhead console one but here's what the other look like before the mod

I removed the glass so i could reuse the connector

Filled the connector with HQ hotglue. For the back 4 bulbs I decided to use the resistor to lower the light intensity to match the original. The 2 in the overhead and the one in the tailgate are running at full power.



At first i only did the overhead but the cold lightning of the LED was really off compare to the warm light of the original bulb, so i decided to do them all and IMO it look way better now too.

One thing i was afraid is that the PWM would cause the LED to flicker, before doing all this i tested it and no flicker and now all the LED still dim and power off at the same time.

This took me roughly 3 hours to do all 7 bulbs and cost me less than 1/3 of what Dodge wanted to charge me.

Hope this will inspire some.
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