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LNIB Linear power LP2150 White 900 shipped

Product Brand & Model:
Linear Power Inc. LP2150

Condition of all items:
Like new in box, pretty much perfect condition.

Total Price: :
900 shipped

Shipping Terms: :

shipped via UPS ground insured

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Additional info:

Amp is pretty much new includes owners manual shipped in original box.


2 channel class A/B amplifier
150 watts per channel into 4 Ohms at 12.8 Volts @ 50Hz @ 0.05% THD
Frequency response is 4Hz to 220KHz
Greater than 3dB of headroom
Dynamic unregulated power supply allows more power with higher input voltages
Outputs are the finest sound quality devices from Motorola
All capacitors are high voltage and low ESR parts
Power supply is opti-isolated to eliminate the possibility of noise
Single point groundings in each stage of amplifier improves noise, damping, and efficiency
Ultra thick 3oz copper on double sided FR4 main PCB
Solid copper buss bars in crucial high current locations
Heavy gold plated brass blocks for power connections
High quality gold plated inputs
Gold plated 5 way binding posts for output terminals
Protection circuits are non-interactive with audio path to prevent noise
Protections include:
-Over voltage
-Under voltage
-Short circuit
-2 stage thermal
-DC offset
-Power reverse polarity
Proven heatsink design made of extruded aircraft aluminum
Layout and topology are designed with care and attention to detail

I know i have a 0 post count here but i can give SMD as my reference i have a high post count and good standing over there

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How much watts into a 4 ohm mono? I heard from Ray that this amp produces more power than a 2502IQ and is more efficient.
From what I heard from Ray was these new amps he came out with are far superior to the older models.

Incredible build quality and high end parts.


I might get a few of the Titanium colored LP2250's

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These amps are rated at 150x2 or 300x1 bridged at 8ohms for a 4 ohm mono you would have to set the internal taps to 2ohm stereo or 4 ohm bridged. The power does not change only there to make the install easier. This amp can put out with music applied a musical dynamic peak of 784 watts per channel at 4 ohms or roughly double that on a bridged 8 ohm mono load.

These amps have amazing headroom 7db of headroom and are crazy efficient with outstanding build quality. I have in my ford edge 2x 2150 and a 2250 and I drove to Michigan straight through 16 hour drive only stopping for gas and not once did these amps get overly hot or thermal out.

On a different instance this last week I moved my girlfriend out of college and we had a moving blanket on top of the amps and the car loaded down and still no thermal after a 2.5 hour drive.

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They do look sweet and even better in person, got to meet Jeri McCord (engineer of a few old LP's and the new ones) and was a great experience.

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