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I am looking to upgrade my system. It is decent but could definitely be better.

My current setup:
Pioneer FH-P8000BT double DIN head
Rockford Fosgate (I know but it wasn't very expensive) punch 450.4
Focal 165 KF up front
mid level older Focal 6x9's in the rear deck
Cabling is certainly nothing special

I think that the best thing that I can do to upgrade is power but any suggestions will be appreciated.

I have done some research on power amps and I know many of the good companies but I still need lots of help. I am thinking two 2 channel amps with the front being more powerful and nicer than the back amp for obvious reasons. I think I am willing to spend about $1500.

As far as SQ I am not as worried about detail and soundstaging because I have a very nice system in my house that will blow away anything in car audio. I really want a stereo that is fun and exciting to listen to but certainly not fatiguing to listen to.

I have also thought sub but I listen almost exclusively to rock so I don't know if I would get any appreciable upgrade for the money.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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