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Looking at 6.5" Components. Crutchfield lists a ton that don't fit, while sonicelectronix says they all fit. Who is right?

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I have a 2016 Mustang with the base 6 speaker system. I have been comparing 6.5" components on the Crutchfield site, and noticed that there's a fairly limited selection that is listed as "fits your vehicle". I just happened to check Sonicelectronix tonight, and nearly every speaker that crutchfield lists as "does not fit" shows compatible on their site. Who is correct?

Crutchfield is listing my "Mounting Height" as only 0.379". I'm asking because sonic has many more affordable options. Should I worry about the "Top Mount height" or does that mean the woofer would impact my door panel?
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I actually already bought the Powerbass OE65C-FD. They installed very easily, plug and play. They even use the factory tweeter plug in the A-Pillar, and molded plug on the front of the mids. Unfortunately they sound like garbage, even after swapping the head unit. They desperately need a proper crossover. Mids are shouty and peaky like a megaphone in my ear, and the highs are sibilant and harsh. So now I need to replace them.
But the funny thing is, They have this HUGE circular foam block attached to the top of the speakers which is much taller than the space that Crutchfield lists. Maybe that's why they have their one strong point, BASS. These things pump out bass like no tomorrow. Without a HPF set on the woofer, I have to EQ the bass down -3 or -4dB.

Thanks for the suggestions. I contacted sonicelectronix to see what they say. I may just buy a non-compatible set and hope for the best. Using Crutchfield's "speakercompare" the JBL/Infinity models with PlusOne woofers seem to sound best. JBL Club 605CSQ is what I was leaning towards. High RMS but also very high sensitivity.
for starters Get a flashlight and look into the grill and see how much space there is between the grill and the current speaker.
Not saying either is correct but I would trust crutchfield way before sonic. You may have to take door panel off to see. It sounds like possible interference between speaker and dor panel and sometimes that is just a simple trim
I'd trust my own eyes and measurement.

Crutchfield is overly safe with speaker recommendations. They cater to the hopeless that need their hands held.

Some other Crutchfield competitors will list whatever is close enough. So, you'll need speaker adapters and fitment, after you make your own measurements and self verify fitment.

I often enough trim door cards. I hate the OE 'rims' that bump into speakers or limit sizes.

So, what fits depends on your skill level.
As stated, Crutchfield is pretty good. They are conservative as they still cater to the DIY. They want you to buy and know it fits vs buy and possible modification. I have used them for almost every car I swapped speakers with to get a guide.
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Looks like cartoys removed their 'guide' for speaker selection. Not sure if the above work as my browser/antivirus combo don't let me pick/check year/make/models at all websites. Even though I prefer homemade adapters, I haven't had issues with some speaker adapters from amazonebay.
Are there any major differences in those speaker adapters? I didn't realize there was anything else available other than the common Metra. I checked the Pioneer site. All of their models that fit there, also fit on the Crutchfield site. Sonicelectronix told me flat out that the few non-fitting speakers i gave them as an example, would definitely fit the mustang. They said there may be some fabrication needed for the tweeters, but that would be the case with any of the "fitting" non-OEM style components Crutchfield sells as well.
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