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looking for 2 10's that fit my needs

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Hey guy's haven't posted in a while but i need some help. I'm looking for a 10 that has dual 4ohm coils and will sound good. Id like to buy the dayton ref ho 10 but there only single 4ohm coils. Id like it to lean more toward the sq side, also each 10 will have about 600-700 watts fed to it.

thx for the help guys.
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If you're looking cheap and don't mind not being the only user, I'd have no problems recommending Alpine Type R's...they're cheap, built well, and have a good amount of output.

Otherwise, IDQ10v3's would work well...not a huge fan of the plastic basket, but users don't seem to have issues. There really are a ****ton of choices out there.
JL 10w6v2. I love mine.
I've had good luck with RE SE's. They come either D4 or D2.

They can take a ton of power and never complain about it.
prob get flamed for this by the ed haters but 11.0v2s are on clearence right now d4s for 85 the subs were originally 175 a piece i had 2 on a 1000 watt amp and they ate it all day got loud and sounded good in a small sealed box.
Elemental Designs
Ascendant Audio Arsenal !0"
RE SE 10"
your probably thinking why i even made this thread but just to let you guys know im leaning heavily! on the sq side of things. output will not be an issue in the little cab of my std cab truck plus if need be i can always make ported boxes, i have plenty of room with my blowthrough.
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