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Any particular ones you can recommend? Staying on the budget, need a line driver (I guess) + eq type of deal...
I guess Id look for an old Phoenix gold EQ232. Im sure the kicker and eclipse are nice units, but I dont really like the knobs. Audiocontrol used to make a mono 31 band called the EQT but you need 2. there is a pair for sale here now I believe. Ill be running a harrison labs SEMOD 30 band That has the crossovers to do 4 way active. Only problem with it is no line driver

PG EQ232 Phoenix Gold Titanium Equalizer EQ 232 - eBay (item 170309926586 end time Mar-14-09 17:30:29 PDT)

Ive actually wondered about this one too. 31 bands and built in crossovers
MA AUDIO MA30EQX 30-BAND GRAPHIC EQUALIZER+CROSSOVER - eBay (item 290299452991 end time Mar-29-09 20:47:26 PDT)

Kicker KQ30 KICKER KQ30 30-Band GRAPHIC EQUALIZER EQ KQ-30 03KQ30 - eBay (item 170306676843 end time Mar-28-09 16:42:48 PDT)

ECLIPSE 30 BAND EQUALIZER EQ-2102 NEW EQ * EQ2102 * - eBay (item 250379851426 end time Mar-27-09 11:24:26 PDT)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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