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So I'm planing on purchasing a PG TI12D but am not too sure what to power it with without spending large quantities of money. From what ive heard the sub likes anywhere between 1200 and 2000 watts but since it's a dual 4ohm sub I've got to find something that can give it all that power at 2Ohms.

I've currently got a alpine m800 which gives [email protected] but I don't think there's anyway i can connect a second one for 1600w because it's not strappable.

So basically I'm not looking to spend much more than $400 but don't mind getting something used off ebay if there's nothing new in that price range.

Not really trying to get anything cheap like Hifonics (from what I've heard they're cheap) and the only options that I've really come by are an older RF 1500BD which sell on ebay for $300ish and puts out [email protected] or maybe a Alpine mrp-m2000 which sell for more like $500-$600 from what I've seen and put out a whoppin' [email protected]

If anybody has any other suggestions that would be awesome!
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