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hey guys and gals,
im wondering if anyone had any ideas on a flip out monitor that i could add to my current system to use for DVD, maybe RSE, and just to fill in the double din set up with out using a pocket or fabing a custom dash. i want to keep my current single DIN radio for the main sources but wanted to add a flip out to fill in the other DIN slot, play dvds (when killing time waiting for people or while parked of course ;)) maybe RSE, and a back up camera. i was looking at an older Panasonic, or even old alpine cva-1004 but anything along though lines. but can find one for a decent price. i did also find an eclipse AV5101 that would work great but my concern is since it only has the high voltage output im not sure if it would work with my switching aux input set up (like over power or too low level of signal to work correctly). does anyone have any experience with the eclipse (since i can find new old stock for sale) and used it was a different head unit and not as a main source unit?

also if anyone else has any other ideas or other options that would be to use a stand alone screen or other ideas to fill in the din spot with something that looks better then just a pocket. i have depth in the dash and its in a scion xb so i have a true double din opening (wider really). also since there is some much room there i dont want to just fab and fill in the din location with a blank panel i think it would look funky.

now please dont say just use a pocket or use a double din radio. i already have tried many different DD radios and i like my current radio im using and hate having the extra pocket just does not look as cool as a true old school DUAL single DIN radio setup. i tend to like the old school audio products. plus i truly love my clarion 835 head unit and have tried to replace it with something newer but nothing has sounded any where close to what the clarion with the true dual 24 bit Dacs. they just sound amazing to me. now i have yet to hear the new pioneer pr-80 or whatever the new high is and i also have used the 9255 and other copper chassie radios that also sound great but at that time my car was older and i didnt have a garage so i didnt like leave a 2k unit sitting there waiting to be stolen, plus needed the cash at the time and didnt have other parts i wanted more (still kick my self in the ass for giving my 9255 away to a friend, i just was not thinking).

i was also thinking about doing a 5.1 set up with a center channel. i know doing matching 6 1/2 that are in the door would be best but what about the older alpine single din speaker? if so does anyone have one they want to part with?
thanks for your input
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