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It’s been quite a while since I posted this so I thought I would do a follow up.

I ended up buying peerless by tymphany 1” xt25 ring radiator tweeters
Dayton audio rs100p 4” mid range drivers
And gr research m165x woofers

it sounds amazing!

the tweeters are crisp and clear however one thing to note is as crisp as I thought these sounded upon install one of the leads fell out from being overheated by the soldering iron so they are not very durable I.e. I should have been way more careful.

so I replaced them with some even more crisp but close to too bright car audio tweeters and while they don’t have the vast amount of detail the xt25s had they are very brilliant and I can adjust that to taste so it’s ok and I would say if I could do it again I would just go with a nice set of alpine car audio tweeters or something to make installation easier on myself.

the Dayton Audio rs100p is a “GOD” among budget speakers! More detail than I could ever imagine absolutely no complaints whatsoever it is durable as they come and sound amazing.

the gr research m165x - it’s not the greatest sounding woofer out there as for its level of detail in music, but if it’s mid bass,bass, and sub bass your looking for (yes I said sub bass as in down to 30hz easily)and this is all your looking for from your woofer (mine are crossed at 220hz with a loose slope) then these will definitely fit the bill.
once my car doors were sealed fairly well and I installed ample sound deadening, the usual doo dads like foam behind the woofer and around the mounting face of the mounting rings I made....these woofers sound like I have at the very least one 12” subwoofer and at certain frequencies make people swear I have a hidden subwoofer .

I don’t YET, not in a hurry to have one either I enjoy watching their eyes pop out of their heads because they have never heard door speakers that compress the atmosphere such as these cheap things do.

to say the least I am satisfied.
Opinions vary online, but my real life bang for the buck meter is on level 10 of 10.
I have no reason to lie lol I can post videos of parts of the car shaking as the drum kicks of Metallica slap the passengers In the chest or the 35hz bass hits from a goofy g eazy song and rattles their brain.

no doubt good recommendations from diy mobile audio.

thanks guys!
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