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Given the COVID-19 situation, all the places I would go are closed and looking to see if there are any installers out there that are looking for work?

Car is a 2014 Maserati Granturismo MC
Aftermarket Head-unit is already installed, 5ch RCA pre-outs, aux-in for Front Cam and RCA for Reverse Cam.

What I am looking for help with.
1. Front Component Speaker replacement and Sound Deadening installation.
2. Front Camera installation
3. Rear Camera installation
4. 8 channel amp installation
5. Amp/DSP tuning
6. Sub replacement / sound deadening on rear shelf

I already have the amp, components, sub, cameras.

What I don't have are the following:
1. Sound deadening
2. Amp install kit / wiring
3. Specialty electronic tools

Send me a PM if interested and we can discuss details.
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