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Hi all,

I am doing an install in my '11 F350. The basics will be:

2 x Mosconi Zero 4's
Focal no.7's
JL stealthbox (under seat)
Mosconi 6to8
Pioneer 8200 HU

I think I will document each stage and post the progress here.

I used hushmat to deaden the roof, doors, floor and rear bulkhead, installed the recommended grounding upgrades, and upgraded the factory alternator to a DC Power Engineering 270A unit.

I would like to mount the amps and DSP behind the passenger side rear seat, without needing to permanently give it up. Think it can be done?

I will be sealing the front doors with the appropriate materials from SDS, and the woofers will be put in approx the same positions as the factory speakers.

I picked up some Focal pods that will house the tweets and mids, but am unsure of the best location to mount them. For those familiar with the A pillars on these things, there is a large grab handle on them. I just don't see any other place that they would work. The factory tweeter housing is much too small, and the pods are too large for that area.

Would it be feasible to mount the pods at the same level as those handle loops? It would put the speakers at approximately my eye-level. I would need to modify the pillars to some degree, but those Focal pods are close to the same size and shape as the loop space.

Thanks in advance for your time and input.

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