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I live in the louisville KY area and am looking for a good installer that knows how to run/install an active setup in a 2006 Ford F150 Super cab...

I am wanting to install a set of 3-way Hertz Mille- with possible kickpanel install for the mid and tweet...the 6.5" in doors powered by an Arc SE 2300 and the mids and tweets powered by a 4 channel Zed Dreadnought...I already have a JL audio stealthbox being powered by a JL 500/1....the head unit and processor I am still debating on (probably replacing my Pioneer AVIC-D2) with Alpine W910 and some sort of processor either bit one or new Alpine 800..

I'm looking for someone that takes more pride in the install more then just getting money in his pocket and knows how to set the xovers and perform basic tuning to get me started...I know full tuning is based on the ear and my listening performance....

if intererested email me at [email protected] that can help me out perform a quality install

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