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I'm going to be doing some testing of the alpine f1 7990 and dvi-9990 headunits soon and want to attempt to test the ipod feedthrough on these units as well. I need the kci-500b and kca-420i pieces, however, to be able to do this. I plan to do the testing this weekend.
These units will be compared against the p99 and (hopefully) the cda-117 in terms of sound quality to appease my own mind.
The testing will involve the headunits as a source, feeding an emotiva upa-2 amplifier which will power a set of the Zaph ZRT 2.5 speakers I just bought. The testing will be done in my upstairs listening room. I'll post subjective thoughts on the setup and post pictures as well. Hopefully the guy who is helping me obtain the 7990/dvi9990 headunits can also bring over the sought after 7909 as well as some other things. It'll be fun to see just if we can hear any differences at all... the testing will be purely subjective in nature, but if I have time I'll do my best to collect data on the decks as well like I have with the P99 and other headunits.

I'll cover shipping. I'll probably have these turned around within a week of receiving them.

If you can help me out, I'd really appreciate it.

Feel free to PM or email me.

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