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looking to buy replacement parts

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im looking for some parts for my pioneer premier deh-p860mp deck. ive looked at pioneers site and i wanted to know if there is any other online site that you guys buy your parts from? thanks
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what parts are u needing. A buddy i work with just ordered some gears for his pioneer deck not sure the model cause a tooth had broke on one and wouldnt allow the cd to eject ill ask him what the site is.
i need the rca output assembly(part # CDE7436) and the power w/ speaker cord assembly(part # CDE7701). i picked it up from a police auction. it was untested because they had no way of powering it up. its pretty much just the deck and faceplate. nothing else is included. its going to cost about $80 to have those 2 parts shipped to me from pioneers site. hopefully i can find them a little cheaper elsewhere.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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