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Lots of Dynaudio, JL Audio, Boston Acoustics... LOOK!!!!

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I have been working in car audio for some years and have managed to make myself a pretty nice stash of equipment. But it is now becoming apparent that it is highly unnecessary and I really just would like to have the money, as my wife is pregnant for the first time and we need all the $ we can get right now. Here is a list of most of what I have. If I stumble across more, I will add it.

(4) Dynaudio MW 170 8" mid woofers BNIB never played. I think one or two of them were test fitted, so there are some very minor marks where screws once were for testing. Asking dealer cost - $160 each

(2) Dynaudio MW 160 brand new never mounted, but without packaging. But does include grilles - Again dealer cost - $149 each

(2) Dynaudio MD 130 competition tweeters BNIB, never had anything done to them besides admired out of the box. Dealer sheet cost - $140 each

(2) Dynaudio MD 102 tweeters, one in perfect shape, the other missing the Dyn logo, has some glue around the outer ring, also one of the terminals is broken but will still work fine. Just solder directly on to it. In light of this unfortunate blemish - $125 for the pair (well below cost)

(1) Boston Acoustics G510 single 4 ohm sub new never played but no packaging - $150

JL Audio 300/2 in great condition, only minor scuffs near pwr/gnd inputs (in pics), stored in bubble wrap in a correct box (not same serial on box). This thing has seen about 30 seconds of power over the last 2 years, and that was just to test it and make sure it was still working alright. Before that about 3 months of light use. - $200

JL Audio 500/5 in great shape as well, VERY minor scuffs near pwr/gnd inputs (in pics). No box. Used for about 5.5 months, then did a different setup. - $450

Full set of JL Audio ZR650-CSi components with packaging, best speakers JL has ever produced. Made in Germany. These are used with care by a responsible JL dealer (not a retard that doesn't know what he's doing is my point). - $350 (msrp $869.99)

Alpine NVE-P1 Nav/BT piece BNIB in box/wrapper - $175 (ebay is like $100 more)

Also have extra mic and nav ant. and cable for updating software - $25

Audison BSF 13 1.3 farad capacitor with BCA 32 cap power and ground distribution and BCA DGT digital voltage readout. Lightly used, couple of small blems (see pics) - $100

Arc Audio KS 500.1 from my gf car that is way more power than she needs this is barely being used and shouldn't have any scratches at all - $200

Eclipse BEC-106 back up camera - $100

Eclipse BT-E600 bluetooth piece for the AVN 55/66 series navs (maybe others), new in box all hardware/accessories - $50

Eclipse 1802 Nob remote, old school Eclipse h/u people here it is!!! New still in bubble wrap from the radio box, and never even so much as pointed at a radio. Will work with any Eclipse all the way to current models. When they were available they were $100! - $40

New Eclipse remote and Eclipse nav antenna - $20 for the ant., $10 for remote

New in box pair of Diamond Audio DTK D3 tweeters with crossovers. Never even opened. - $25

used pair of Kicker SSMB8 mid bass drivers - $50 for the pair

All of this stuff is absolutely 100% authentic. I work in car audio and have just bought/traded all of this stuff over the years and it is time to put it to use. Let me know if you have any questions, and if you need a character reference talk to Foosman (David) he knows me personally and will vouch for me.

Link to photobucket with lots of pics of all this stuff.
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Great prices on Dyn stuff.
pics no worky
Follow his link to the PB album... they're there... ;)
consider the MD102's sold!
Ok, fixed all the images. What had happened was I got a pm telling me I had what some would say offensive material in my photobucket account. So I made a folder for all this stuff and changed the link, but for got that it would change where all the pics were stored. Sorry!
payment sent on MD102's!
awesome stuff, would love to do some of those eights with the 130's......hmmmm. If I can sell some stuff there mine!!!
Ok MD 102 SOLD to BassBaller, nice doing business with you. I will send them out on Monday, and seeing as we are pretty close I imagine you'll see them Tuesday or Wednesday. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!
i could use the hell out of the (2) Dynaudio MW 160

ill pm you about them
pm sent
still keeping my fingers crossed on the 160's
1 - 20 of 74 Posts
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