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Lotus dealers?

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In trying to use my stock 6" door speaker locations without ANY changes, I have found that only the Lotus line from Seas will fit -- CW17E. (The Excel and the regular lines are too big.)

Besides, is there anywhere else I could purchase these?

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It is not that I want to stay away from mobilesq. Their site has been down for some time now, and I wanted to see how other people's prices were. You know like that commercial " and compare... before you buy. Brilliant!"

I looked at Madisound but only saw their Excel offerings. I didn't see the Lotus stuff besides their grills. I'm not looking for the whole component set just the midranges.
daitrong said:
ding told me once if you rub eng's chest a bit he'll be a bit more accomodating. ;)
Is that with or without oil? :p

Hey, if it means cheaper prices on those Lotus' then I might have to just do that.

By the way, what is mobilesq's e-mail address anyway?
daitrong said:
Yea, seriously though Eng's probably the coolest guy i know on the forums.
Yea, next to some guy that runs this cool DIY car audio website. ;)
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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