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Hi all,

It appears I may have posted this in the wrong sub forum. (Mods -- feel free to merge the threads into the appropriate forum. Thanks.)

I just signed up in hopes of gleaning some advice on my system build for "Miss Fit," a recently acquired a 2018 Honda Fit Sport w/3k miles on the odo that I picked up via "fly and buy" in LA. I work in multimedia production and have been a audiophile since college, so I know a fair bit about studio and home systems, but very little about auto mobile audio systems.

I am hoping to build a low to mid range system in hopes of improving the already decent (compared to my 05 Toyota Matrix AWD) system in the Fit.

Due to a lack of fitment parts and somewhat due to not wanting to lose my stock features (most specifically Android Auto, steering mounted controls and back-up cam), I am currently planning on working from the factory head unit.

I am not looking to "Rock the Casbah" or impress others at the stop light, but am mostly looking to make a nice, tight sounding system with decent clarity at moderate volumes.

In the spirit of an old recording studio saying, "You're better off with 2 $400 speakers than 4 $200 speakers," I am considering using a 4 channel compact amp to drive replacement front component speakers and a modest subwoofer and forgo rear fill speakers.

Note: I camp out a lot and don't want to use much space for Subs and Amps etc...

My current plan is to use:

a compact 4 channel Amp (considering many like a JL Audio JX400/4d (70w into 4Ω, 200w Bridged )to run...
JL Audio c2-650 component speakers (pulled from my Matrix) for the front sound stage. (CH 1 & 2)
Kicker CompRT 43CWRT672 CompRT shallow-mount 6-3/4" subwoofer mounted in a rear door. (CH 3 & 4 bridged)
also considering a "lineout converter" and moderate (or major) sound insulating/deadening

Right now I am looking for recommendations for a good compact 4 channel Amp.

I am also wondering about the benefits/trade-offs of adding a Lineout Converter like the AudioControl's LC7i.

Amps under consideration right now are:

JL Audio jx400/4
JL Audio rd400/4 (if it seems worth it)
Infinity Primus 6004a (if it's powerful enough and sounds good)
Soundstream Stealth ST4.1200D (if they are not junk?)
JBL's GTR-104
Pioneer GM-DX874

Product suggestions and advice in compact amps are appreciated.

Also, what would I gain from using a line out converter? Is it necessary/worthwhile if the amp takes "speaker level" input and I use the amp's hp/lp filters to crossover the sub and the front main speakers? They seem rather big and I don't see much space, but I am sure I could fit one if it would make a big difference.

My installer has a MTX re-q5 that he'd like to sell me which has the benefit of a line in. Does it seem as good as the Audio Control stuff?

Overall, I feel like the subwoofer may be the weakest link in my current plan, but I am not really expecting/seeking chest pounding bass. Mostly, I think that the sub would take a fair bit of pressure off of the JL Audio c2-650's woofers (especially if I crossed it over at 120 to 180 hz.).

Thank you for any thoughts, warnings or advice.
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