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I have a 2021 Toyota Rav4 prime with the standard 6 speaker factory system which is comprised of 2 dashboard 3.5" speakers upfiring into the windshield wired in parallel to 2 front door 6" 20 W RMS speakers for the front channels and 2 rear door 6" 20 W RMS speakers for the rear channels.

I want to keep the factory head unit, replace the front dash & door speakers with a set of components with active crossovers, add an amp/DSP, and a shallow mount 10" o 12" sub (don't want it taking most my trunk space) & sub amp. Rear door speakers can stay stock off the head unit. I mostly listen to rock music.

Since the Rav4 Prime is a hybrid the 12v battery is something like 25% the size of a traditional 12v battery so I want to be careful not to put in anything too high powered. I also have never done this before so I'm going to learn this as I go but I'm not sure I want anything that's going to be difficult to tune. Overall budget is in the $1k to $1.5k range.

I'm strongly considering using the Kicker 47KEY200.4 for the speakers amp. I like that it's an amp and dsp all in one and it seems more amateur friendly to setup and tune. It's 50w RMS x 4 which I think is about as much power as I want to use given the battery constraints. I figure I'll feed the factory front inputs into it and run it in bi-amp mode controlling the 4 dash and front door speakers.

For the front dash I would like to use a wideband like the Audiofrog GS25s. I think traditional component tweeters will put too much of the mid frequencies at the floor. Should I just go with the GS25s or is there anything else worth considering?

For the front doors I was looking at the Audiofrog GS60s but I found someone on the Rav4world message board who says that "due to the thickness of the brackets available the GS60 speaker sticks out about 1/4” further than the factory grills." A custom made thinner bracket might work but I don’t have the tools or skills to make one. I thought about getting a component set and just using the woofers, like the Morel Maximo 6. I could also use the Audiofrog G60S component woofers, apparently they're smaller than the GS60s woofers and they fit according to Crutchfield but they're supposedly lower quality than the GS60s and cost nearly the same so it feels like a waste of money. Is there a different midbass woofer that you guys would recommend in the $150-$400 price range?

For the sub inputs I would splice into the rear door speaker wires. I was thinking about using the Kicker 47KEY500.1 mono sub amp/dsp combo unit which can put out 500 W RMS to a 1 OHM sub and pairing it with an Audiofrog GB12D2 since it's 95 dB sensitivity should keep it from drawing too much power.

I'm also debating if at the low power levels I'm talking about if I need to even bother replacing the factory wiring to the front doors. It would make the installation easier if I don't have to try to feed new wire through the door boot molex connectors. Thoughts?

I appreciate any input or guidance you guys want to provide.
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