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lpg 25nfa/crystal 6.5 to help vifa tg9fd-10-04??

I was thinking about trying out the MTM config that Werewolf was discussing over at ECA and was thinking about being a guinea pig. I took a look at my a-pillars/dash/door panel and thought that it would be near impossible to set it up remotely close.

Now, I have enough room to stick a 3"-3-1/2" speaker up in the front of the dash with a little cutting and glassing. I was taking a look at the Vifa tg9fd-10-04 to mount up there. An lpg 25nfa and crystal 6-1/2" would accompany the vifa.

Any problems with this?? I am going to put a dash mat or some ensolite on the dash to help with reflections.
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