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Mac experts needed

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Today I just bought my first Mac from a collector and I cant wait to see a big brown box sitting in front of my door. I used to sell Mac home equipment and always coveted the amplifiers. I have high hopes for this guy. I got a MC420M.

So here's my question: The guy I bought it from said that these amps are a little different from most specifically "The RCA internal switching is a little different". What does he mean by this? Is there anything I should be aware when installing this amp?

My system is
hu: alpine 9886
2 ways: Boston acoustics Z6
processor: H701
Sub amp: alpine mrv757
sub: old school 12" type r (will be upgraded in the future.)
Changer: s624
and of course the mac 420M

Thanks for the help
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im no expert but im using mac amps..

It has a selector which you have to set depending on what configuration (4/3/2) you will choose to your mac420M amp.
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