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Soundeasy - A full measurement package suite. Measure t/s parameters, frequency response, waterfall, distortion, and extrapolates bl/cms/le curves similar to Dumax reports. Also comes with passive crossover design suite, as well as an enclosure design feature. It also comes with a feature to program and simulate crossovers with the Behringer dcx2496.

I paid $230 from Partsexpress. Software comes with a usb dongle that must be plugged in to use to prevent pirating.

You will also get a calibrated mic, mic clip, and pre-amp that I bought from Germany. The pre-amp is completely portable, and can run off either a 12v adapter or a 9v batter. Perfect for car audio measurements. You also get a disc that calibrates the spl as well as sensitivity of the mic. Very accurate setup. More info here:

I paid $220 for both the mic and pre-amp.

If you have a soundcard you are ready to go... the one's built into most motherboards works great and oftentimes better than aftermarket Soundblaster. Just make sure you have stereo line input and output.

Looking for $300 for the entire setup. Email me at [email protected]
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