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I found a Memphis PR300.2 for $160 NIB. I was wondering if anyone has any experiance or opinions on this amp or Memphis. I remember back in 98 or 99 they were pretty good but I haven't keep up on them (no real interest). I'm looking for a 600watt amp (preferably at 4ohm mono) to run my new Elemental Designs sub. Anyone have any other suggestions on a 600 watt mono amp that has good SQ? SQ and head room are what I'm looking for. I feel like I have to damn near clip my current amp to get any output (the amp could be damaged though since I bought it used 2 years ago).

The other amps I've thought about are :

Zed Audio Minilith (this is class D 600 watts @ 1ohm mono, but what concerns me is if the SQ is good or not)

Hifonics Brutus BX605 (another 600 watts @ 1ohm mono, same concern as above with the Zed)

Hifonics Zeus ZX6000 (600 watts @ 4ohm mono, I've heard good things about Hifonics in the past but everyone seems to be iffy on the new stuff since Zed audio no longer makes them)

Avionixx AXT-800.2 (Class T 800 watts @ 4ohm mono, I found one of these for a cheap price but lost it... anyway I know this one is way more powerfull than my sub handles but if I keep the gains low will it be ok? Plus it leaves room for upgrading to a 16Ov.2 or another 16Kv.2 [well I'd have to get rid of mine and get two dual 4ohm subs]).

Any thoughts?


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