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I am augmenting/trying to improve a system in a Mercedes 560SEC, which currently has the following gear, already installed:

(2) Old school MB Quart QM 4" mid/tweeter in front dash
(2) Old school MB Quart QM 6.5" coaxials in rear deck
Xtant 404 in trunk, powering all MBQ's
Infinity BassLink in trunk, ported thru first aid kit hole in rear deck
Becker Mexico BE2340 AM/FM/SW w/ CD changer and connection for Ipod

No speakers in the doors, but came from factory with 6.5" mid-bass drivers.
Not currently being used, and max clearance is about 2.75" or so ...

My thought is to:

1) Retain the MBQ's in the front dash, and add a quality 6.5" mid/bass
driver in the doors, and run the front as a 3 way system off the Xtant.

Remove the 6.5" MBQ's in the rear deck, and replace with either 6.5" subs
or mid-bass drivers - powered by a separate amp.

Am I heading in the right direction here ? Any thoughts or recommendations for the mid-bass door units ? I have about 2.75" of clearance, could squeeze a bit more but likely not more than 3.0". Doors I assume would have to be deadened, etc.

In the rear: Would having two 6.5" subs and a strong amp be sufficient to remove the BassLink ? BassLink is not "strong" bass, but it does provide a surprising amount of low end for most of what I listen to ... Or, keep BassLink and use mid/bass drivers run mono for fill ?

Much more into SQ than volume - but do crank it up once in a while.

I am trying to work with what I have as much as possible, but realize I may need to invest in some strong basics...

I welcome any and all comments/suggestions. Thank you,

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I personally went from coaxials to active components, and love the change. Therefore, i recommend getting components up front, and putting more midbass or subs in your deck
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