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Mid box build, but hit a snag. Need help!!

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I'm working on a new box, and the distance to the end of my port and the wall is exactly the port width. Heres a pic to show what I have(sorry for the ****ty drawing)

When calculating does it stop at the end of the port? Do you add half the port width? Do you add half the port with+ half the port width, plus thickness of the wood(like the port has a bend)? If it's calculated like in my drawing, my port length would be 40.25". Wouldnt I add 1.5"+1.5"+.75, which would make the length 44"? I was thinking you treated it like another bend in the port, but want to be sure. I have everything but the port cut, so progress is stopped until i figure it out. Can someone help me out?
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When using ports that use a wall for one or more sides its common practice to subtract 1/2 the width from the length.In your case this would be 1.5".
Ether way I doubt there will be a noticeable difference if your off by an inch or two.
It probably wont be more the .5hz.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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