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Mid box build, but hit a snag. Need help!!

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I'm working on a new box, and the distance to the end of my port and the wall is exactly the port width. Heres a pic to show what I have(sorry for the ****ty drawing)

When calculating does it stop at the end of the port? Do you add half the port width? Do you add half the port with+ half the port width, plus thickness of the wood(like the port has a bend)? If it's calculated like in my drawing, my port length would be 40.25". Wouldnt I add 1.5"+1.5"+.75, which would make the length 44"? I was thinking you treated it like another bend in the port, but want to be sure. I have everything but the port cut, so progress is stopped until i figure it out. Can someone help me out?
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For a simple port like that, measure right down the center, so your port there is 40.25 inches. There is a way to measure where you divide it into a sort of pie shaped at the bend using 45 degrees slices. But i bet if you did that you would be within an inch of 40.25 and thats not going to change anything.
ooohhhhh...i thought you needed 40.25 and were second guessing yourself as tyoy iff you had 40.25 of some other number.

So yes, draw your center line 1.5" further to the right and then down 2.25 if that equals your desired port length. If that is what the line is you have drwn thats fine. Just build your last port wall outside the 3" opening and i know it is going to be short. I would round it off, and like wise round off the the two inside bends, and put two little wedges in the 2 outside corners to keep is as smooth as possible thru the turns.

Sorry if i am not quite grasping what you are asking, or more to the point, what are your concerns?
The total length of the port is the combined length of the 3 boxes in this file.

Red is is 3/4 "mdf and grey is air space based on your measurements on your drawing.

woops...let me edit this pic...i think i finallty see what you are saying . DOH :)
See less See more line is your port length...

I can give you the exact cut size of the port walls if you confirm the outsize dimensions of the over all box.
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