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Thanks for the advice. Sounds like a great choice. But, I have been talking with Zac and I'm going all out. I'm getting a set of the AD w800neos
Dude. That's one of the first drivers I recommended. Guess it isn't too rich for your taste now eh :)?

Seriously though. I only have a few hours in on my evaluation of the AD W800Neo's. They don't dig as deep as my Dyn MW182's do. But, I don't need them to now that I re-installed my sub. They play fine down to 70Hz and are quick and articulate. I'm not that much of a subjective review writer. But, I really like what I hear from these drivers so far. There is not one bit of sloppiness about them. I'm sure there are other options. But, these are a great start.


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2007 Toyota Tundra Double Cab
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Ive started building a sub enclosure for a single 8" that will tuck underneath the glovebox. I think between the neo's, the Front sub, and my low listening volume, I will be happy.
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