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Midrange / Tweeter Baffle

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Here are a few shots of the baffles I made to hold a Dayton RS100 and a Vifa XT19.

I have a couple of concerns, maybe some of you can comment.

1. Are the Mid and tweet close enough together? The center to center distance is roughly: 110 mm or just over 4.25".

2. Do I need to flush mount both of these drivers? The baffle is only 3/8" thick and I don't want to go much deeper. I've heard flush mounting is crucial in home audio, but will it matter in my car? If I need to flush mount, I might have to scrap these and made some out of 1/2" MDF probably.

3. Can I get fiberglass to securely hold to this plastic? Its HDPE or poly of some sort, used to be a cutting board.
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Nicely done.

The placement is perfect from the looks of it and the 2 drivers will work nicely as a single unit. Same coherent plane. Will sound really nice.

The depth also looks perfect to me.

Fiberglass should hold securely. Just make sure to roughen the surface up properly to give the resin something to hold onto.

Looking forward to the build.
I'm actually going to build 2 more baffles for the same mid and a vifa D26N-15-06 or D26N-55-06 and test them both out.

I'll decide if this huge tweeter is worth it in the long run. Pictures to come for sure.
please re-upload the pictures. I'm interested to see them.
re-uploaded the pictures.. photobucket seems to have lost them.
Here are some pictures of after I shaved down the baffle - it was a bit big for my application.

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Fiberglass should bond to that, but I'd test it on a scrap piece if you have any.
Looks good. Where are you mounting them? Kicks?
what material did you use in the plate itself?
its an HDPE cutting board.
nice, now make me some LOL
Those look great
nice, now make me some LOL
you want these? If I don't use them?
Those look fantastic! I would for sure test a piece of FG with the HDPE, i just made some taillights with a HDPE plate on them for the mounting area and had some trouble with the resin holding onto it after a couple of days, but then again my HDPE was smooth and non-textured. Good job man, looks fantastic!
you want these? If I don't use them?
No thanks LOL. I need a much smaller hole for the tweeter
damn nice job. any material between the drivers and the baffle for isolation?
damn nice job. any material between the drivers and the baffle for isolation?
the tweeter has a sealed rear chamber, why would you need to isolate them?

these aren't permanent anyway
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